Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Wild and Crazy Guy

I called my mothers father, "Maga".   In reality, his name was Edward Arthur Krings.  I remember a few things about him that are worth sharing.  I know that he was a "clerk" for Oppenheimer on Wall Street in the early 30's before the infamous stock market crash.  He may have had some anxiety because he was unable to travel into the city by bus, subway or train.  A driver would pick him up every morning and take him to work.  I have a photo of him at his desk in his Wall Street office. 

He was very kind to me but according to my mother, he had been a drinker in his earlier years and was known to have been physically abusive towards my very sweet grand-mother whom I referred to as "Nanny". 

Maga played the piano by ear.  He was very talented musically.  He smoked "like a chimney".  I thought he resembled Jimmy Durante. 

My mother told me that Maga had a habit of taking home the salt and pepper shakers from any restaurant they visited.  I remember opening a cabinet in their home one day and seeing what seemed to be hundreds of these glass salt and pepper shakers.  If there are any "kleptomaniacs" in the family, it must be in the one had any use for that much salt and pepper!  I have a pepper shaker that I'm sure came from my grand-parents.  It is made of cut glass.  I use it as a small flower vase now.  You may find it in the family chest one day. 

I loved my grand-father.  He danced with me at my wedding.   I have a picture of him holding my first child, his first great grand-child, Alex.

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